Summer Exams Guidelines 2020

For online remote proctoring of the state and final examinations at the Department of periodontology and oral disease, FDM, MU – Plovdiv

  1. All students in the same course (Bulgarian and English speaking) are to participate in the remote proctoring examination (state or final) of the same subject simultaneously – at the same date and hour.
  2. The Oral pathology examination will contain 50 test questions (covering all parts of the syllabus), while the state and final examinations of Periodontology will contain 100 test questions (covering all parts of the syllabus). The threshold for a passing mark (Average) is 61% correct answers for both Periodontology and Oral pathology.
  3. Marks Corresponding percentages of correct answers for 100 and 50-question examinations.
    Poor (2) below 61% 60 30
    Average (3) 61-70% 61-70 31-35
    Satisfactory (4) 71-80% 71-80 36-40
    Very good (5) 81-90% 81-90 41-45
    Excellent (6) 91-100% 91-100 46-50
  4. The examination is in a test form, completed through the Microsoft Forms application. On the day of the exam, the examiner activates the exam test as an Assignment in the Microsoft Teams application (part of the Microsoft Office 365 platform).
  5. The examination begins with audio instructions from the leading examiner. The audio instructions will contain information for the regulation of the examination and the final mark criteria. The duration of the final and state exam sessions in Periodontology is 60 minutes for the completion of a 100-question exam test (excluding the time for the audio instruction). The final examination in Oral pathology is completed in 30 minutes (excluding the time for the audio instruction) for a 50-question test. The examiners will announce the remaining time in a timely manner.
  6. The passing of the allocated time automatically closes the exam session. The students are expected to submit their test before the set end time. The submitted exam tests will be automatically graded in percentage. The examiners transform the percentage into points and consecutively in final marks. The results will be announced to all participating students simultaneously on the day of exam. The received marks will be registered in an exam protocol signed by the examiners. The exam protocol is then transferred to the Student’s department.
  7. The remote proctoring examinations will be demonstrated to the students in the form of a practice exam (mock exam) on the last practical class of the semester.